LōD is a Flexible Computing Platform.

SOC2-Compliant - 5 TSC



LōD helps you pick the right electrons from the electricity grid and process the right bits and bites to maximize productivity. We integrate energy markets into high-performance computing.

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Peak Shaving - Reduce Energy Cost

Reduce Energy Costs by up to 71%.

Optimize Energy Expenditure With Energy Price, Energy Mix and Energy Demand Insights from the Grid and Set Advanced Energy Strategies for the Real-Time Market.

Trade Energy and Ancillaries.

Operate your own Energy trading desk to Trade in ancillary services market or participate in Demand response programs and earn energy credits or cash.

Buy & Sell Compute.

Sell Your Hashrate And Compute Power On A Globally Distributed And Transparent Market while automatically scheduling and distributing payouts.

Manage Operations - Automate

Manage & Automate Operations.

Easily Manage Teams, Devices And Operations With Our Industry Leading Platform and automate repetitive tasks using our no-code programming language, RAILS.

Key Features

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FPPS Payout

Insured Custody


LET Profitability meet transparency and reliability.

Our compute marketplace and FPPS mining pool is an enterprise grade platform serving Bitcoin mining workloads and other types of compute. Monetize your compute power, audit your earnings and manage distribution of your payouts using the most advanced and feature rich platform in the market. 

Operated out of Canada, serving 5 continents. 

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Demand Response / AS

Peak Shaving

Block/Hedge Trading

4CP Optimization

All Major QSEs Integration

Demand and Price Forecast

Day-Ahead Trading

Automate energy wins. Focus on mining.

LōD handles the complexities of deregulated electricity markets and empowers you to manage your energy by deploying market-responsive strategies and automating your energy trading.

We serve 9 North American markets and over 20,000 nodes across US and Canada.

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Auto Hashrate Recovery

Inventory Management

Auto Temperature Management

Streamlined Troubleshooting

3-Level Sitemaps

manage teams, automate tasks, and scale your compute power.

Maximize hashrate, automate maintenance and level up your operation standards. Integrate your entire stack including servers, ASICs, PDUs, PLCs, fans, pumps and empower your team to streamline critical troubleshooting tasks while tracking everything using industry’s most advanced inventory tracking tool.   

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SOC-2 Compliant


Role-Based Access

GDPR and CPPA Compliant

Setting the standard for security

Our core focus is maintaining the highest security standards for our users’ data and assets. By fully embracing the 5 Trust Service Criteria (TSC) of SOC2, we set a benchmark for trust and reliability. Through comprehensive SOC2 compliance, ongoing staff training, and a commitment to continuous improvement, we ensure alignment with the latest security protocols and exceed industry standards.


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