LŌD Privacy Policy

Last updated: Jan 28th 2024

Please read the Lincoin Technologies Inc.  Privacy Notice carefully to understand what information is collected through Lincoin Technologies Inc., how this information is used, and when it may be disclosed.

In this Privacy Notice, “Lincoin Technologies Inc. ” refers to our website, our application, and the products and services offered through our website and application. References to “we”, “us” or “our” means Lincoin Technologies Inc..

Lincoin Technologies Inc. categorizes all data into following types:

  • “Personally Identifiable Information” (PII) and defined as any information that can be used to uniquely identify an individual, e.g. name, age, phone number, credit card information, or social security number, Social Insurance Number, Tax Number, Tax residence, residence address , email address, payout addresses, BIP47 code.

  • “Personal Data” (PD) includes IP address you access the web app and mobile apps as well as IP address of devices that connect to our servers, real-time and historical performance metrics from your operation, history of earnings and payouts,

  • “Technical Data” (TD) Technical data includes performance metrics and settings set by the user to measure their operational performance and adjust those based on needs and strategies. For instance computing perforamnce, energy use, rails and thresholds for alerts are considered technical data.

  • “Public Data” (PD) includes any information that is publicly available through internet or offline means.such as Energy Prices, grid information and Cryptocurrency prices.

By visiting our website and using Lincoin Technologies Inc. services, you provide your consent and agree to the collection of Personal Data in a lawful and fair manner. We ensure that the collection and processing of Personal Data adhere to applicable privacy laws and regulations. If you have any questions or concerns about the data we collect and how it is used, please contact Lincoin Technologies Inc. directly using the contact information provided in this privacy policy. Even if you do not read the entire Lincoin Technologies Inc. Privacy Notice. 

Lincoin Technologies Inc. serves as the data processor for most information entered into the Lincoin Technologies Inc. application, website, and supporting systems, acting on behalf of its business customers who serve as the data controllers. However, Lincoin Technologies Inc. also collects certain information directly from users for security, logging, and application performance purposes, where it acts as the data controller and processor. Lincoin Technologies Inc. may engage third-party sub-processors (as detailed below) to support its operations. If you have any inquiries about the processing of your personal data, please contact us using the contact information provided in this privacy notice.

Lincoin Technologies Inc. strictly limits the collection of PII and PD to only the information that is necessary to perform and provide services or fulfill a direct business need. We adhere to the principle of data minimization, ensuring that only the minimum amount of personal data required is collected and processed.

When collecting PII and PD, we strive to be transparent about the purposes for which the data is being collected and how it will be used.

Certain data may be mandatory for the use of the Lincoin Technologies Inc. application, while other data may be optional. When data is mandatory, it is clearly indicated throughout the website and application. Users are free to choose not to provide optional data without any impact on the availability or functionality of the service. If you have any questions about which personal data is mandatory, please contact us using the contact information provided in this privacy notice.

Lincoin Technologies Inc. applications may collect personal data that users provide voluntarily or collect usage data while using the website, web application, and supporting applications.

Furthermore, the Lincoin Technologies Inc. website and its supporting applications may use cookies and other tracking technologies to enhance the user experience and provide specific functionalities. Please refer to the Cookie Policy below for more information.

At Lincoin Technologies Inc., we take the security of your collected data seriously. We implement robust technical and organizational measures to protect your data from unauthorized access, disclosure, alteration, or destruction.

We follow industry best practices and standards to ensure the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of your data. Our security measures include but are not limited to:

  • Encryption: We employ encryption techniques to safeguard your data during transmission and storage.

  • Access Control: We restrict access to personal data to authorized personnel only, ensuring that it is accessible on a need-to-know basis.

  • Regular Audits: We conduct regular security audits and assessments to identify and address any vulnerabilities or risks.

  • Employee Training: Our employees undergo comprehensive data protection training to ensure they understand the importance of data security and privacy.

We are committed to continuously enhancing our security practices and staying up to date with the latest industry standards to provide a secure environment for your data.

While we strive to protect your data, no method of transmission or storage is 100% secure. Therefore, we cannot guarantee absolute security. If you have any concerns about the security of your data, please contact us using the contact information provided in this privacy notice.

Personal data is processed using computers and technology-enabled tools in accordance with organizational policies and procedures related to the stated purposes. In certain cases, personal data may be accessible to Lincoin Technologies Inc. employees involved in the operation of the Lincoin Technologies Inc. website, application, and supporting applications. External parties, such as third-party technical service providers, hosting providers, and IT companies, may also have access to personal data as data processors or sub-processors appointed by Lincoin Technologies Inc..

Lincoin Technologies Inc. may process personal data when one of the following legal bases applies:

  • Consent: Processing is based on the user’s consent for one or more specific purposes.
  • Performance of a Contract: Processing is necessary for the performance of a contract between Lincoin Technologies Inc. and the user.
  • Legal Obligation: Processing is necessary to comply with a legal obligation.
  • Legitimate Interests: Processing is necessary for the legitimate interests pursued by Lincoin Technologies Inc. or a third party.

The specific legal basis for processing personal data will be provided upon request, including whether the provision of personal data is a statutory or contractual requirement, or a requirement necessary to enter into a contract.

Data is primarily processed at Lincoin Technologies Inc.’s operating offices and third party hosting providers, located in Canada, USA and European Union countries. However, some data may be stored and processed in United States or the European Union through third-party sub-processors. For the mining pool stratum servers data migh be processed on our servers spread out worlwide in locations such as Canada, USA, Singapore, Australia, Brazil, UK, Japan and South Africa. Data transfers may involve transmitting user data to a country outside its own jurisdiction.

PII and PD are retained for as long as necessary to fulfill the purposes for which it was collected unless a longer retention period is required or permitted by law.

The retention periods are as follows:

PII and PD collected for the performance of a contract between Lincoin Technologies Inc. and a business customer is retained until the contract is fully executed, or until the business customer requests deletion of the data.

PII and PD collected for Lincoin Technologies Inc.’s legitimate interests is retained as long as necessary to fulfill those purposes. For specific information about Lincoin Technologies Inc.’s legitimate interests, please refer to the relevant sections of this document or contact us using the contact information provided in this privacy notice.

All data processed based on user consent may be retained until such consent is withdrawn, provided that it is not otherwise required or permitted by law.

All data may be retained for a longer period when necessary to comply with a legal obligation or a lawful order from an authority.

Once the retention period expires, all data will be securely deleted or anonymized.

Lincoin Technologies Inc. collects and processes all data for the following purposes:

  • Providing Services: Personal data is collected to enable Lincoin Technologies Inc. to provide its services.
  • Analytics: Personal data is used for monitoring and analyzing web traffic and user behavior on the Lincoin Technologies Inc. website and application.
  • User Database Management: Personal data is managed to create user profiles, track user activities, and improve the application.
  • Managing Contacts and Sending Messages: Data is used to manage contact lists and send communications to users.
  • Handling Payments: Data is processed to facilitate payment transactions and related communications.
  • Displaying Content from External Platforms: Data is used to display external content and enable interaction with it.
  • Hosting and Back-End Infrastructure: Data is processed and stored on hosting and back-end infrastructure to support the operation of the Lincoin Technologies Inc. application.
  • Interaction with Live Chat Platforms: Data is used to facilitate communication with users through live chat platforms.
  • Spam Protection: Data is analyzed to filter spam traffic and protect against spam.
  • Contacting the User: Data is processed to respond to user requests and inquiries.
  • Remarketing and Behavioral Targeting: Data is used for remarketing and behavioral targeting purposes to display targeted advertisements.
  • Selling Goods and Services Online: Data is processed for the provision of services or goods, including payment processing and delivery.

Lincoin Technologies Inc. engages various services and third-party processors to support its operations. The following provides detailed information on the processing of data, the involved services, and the third-party processors:

  • Analytics:

    • Google Analytics (Google Inc.) used only for publically available landing pages.
  • Contacting the User:

    • Mailing List or Newsletter (The Lincoin Technologies Inc. Web Application)
    • Phone Contact (The Lincoin Technologies Inc. Web Application)
    • Contact Form (The Lincoin Technologies Inc. Web Application)

For detailed information on how user data is handled, collected, used, and protected, please refer to our Privacy Policy.


Lincoin Technologies Inc. may collect various types of user data, including but not limited to personal information provided during account creation, transaction details, record of earning and payouts, and technical information such as IP addresses.


User data is collected for the primary purpose of providing and improving our services, ensuring account security, and complying with legal requirements.


Collected data may be used to analyze and enhance the functionality, security, and performance of our services.


User data including email addresses may be used to communicate important service-related updates, and announcements, or to respond to inquiries.


Lincoin employs industry-standard security measures to safeguard user data from unauthorized access, disclosure, alteration, or destruction.


User data is not shared with third parties unless required for service provision, legal compliance, or user consent.


Users have the right to access, correct, or delete their personal information. Users can manage their preferences through their account settings.


Users may opt-out of certain data processing activities, such as promotional communications.


Lincoin Technologies Inc. adheres to applicable privacy laws and regulations to ensure the lawful and transparent processing of user data.

By using our Platform and service you give us the consent to collect and process personal and technical data related to you, your company, and your operations.

The Lincoin Technologies Inc. website and web application use cookies to enhance the user experience and provide specific functionalities. 


The Rights of Users

Users have the following rights regarding their data processed by Lincoin Technologies Inc.:

  1. Right to Withdraw Consent: Users have the right to withdraw their consent to the processing of their data at any time.
  2. Right to Object: Users can object to the processing of their data based on legitimate interests or for direct marketing purposes.
  3. Right of Access: Users can request access to their data and obtain information about the processing activities.
  4. Right to Rectification: Users can request the correction or update of inaccurate or incomplete data.
  5. Right to Restrict Processing: Users have the right to restrict the processing of their data under certain circumstances.
  6. Right to Erasure: Users can request the erasure of their data, subject to legal obligations or overriding legitimate grounds.
  7. Right to Lodge a Complaint: Users have the right to lodge a complaint with a data protection authority regarding the processing of their data.

To exercise these rights or obtain further information, users can contact Lincoin Technologies Inc. using the contact details provided in this document.

Users may terminate this agreement at any time by following the termination procedures outlined in the platform or by contacting Lincoin's support. This does not apply to cases where there is a long-term commitment stated in the user’s agreement.

Lincoin Technologies Inc. reserves the right to terminate this agreement under the following conditions:

  • Violation of the terms of use, including but not limited to prohibited activities or breaches of security.
  • Use of the platform to reverse-engineer our solutions or share data with our competitors
  • Non-compliance with payment obligations, if applicable.
  • Any other conduct deemed harmful to Lincoin's services, other users, or in violation of legal requirements.

Upon termination initiated by the user, access to Lincoin's services will cease, and any outstanding payment obligations must be fulfilled.

In the event of termination initiated by Lincoin, access to the platform will be immediately suspended, and users may lose access to their accounts and associated data. Users are advised to retrieve any important data before initiating termination.

Lincoin may retain user data for a reasonable period as outlined in the privacy policy or as required by local or international laws and regulations.

Users have the right to appeal a termination decision by contacting Lincoin's support. The appeals process will be conducted in accordance with the procedures outlined in the dispute resolution section.

Lincoin Technologies Inc. reserves the right to modify or update this privacy notice at any time. Changes will be communicated through the Lincoin Technologies Inc. website, application, or other appropriate means. It is recommended to regularly review this privacy notice for the latest information.

If you have any questions, concerns, or requests regarding this Privacy Notice, data deletion, accuracy, or any other privacy practices, please contact us at: support[at]lincoin.com