LōD FPPS Mining Pool

Monetizing Hashrate as the most flexible type of compute

Why LoD?

Under Management
Over 0.91 EH/s
Users from 5 Continents
> 1500
Paid out to Users Since 2021
> $ 27000000

FPPS Mining Pool

LōD Mining Pool Offers FPPS Payout method, Where You Get Paid for your SHA256 compute regardless of a successful block creation.

LōD deploys Auditable – FPPS payment as an improved method of payment introduced by LINCOIN which enables compute providers to audit their earnings with a 0.00% error rate.

Our Real-time monitoring and alert system enables early problem detection to improve pool performance efficiency and increase transparency.

Revenue Management

LōD Advanced revenue management provides you with an easy-to-use solution to split payments and set time triggers. 

Set the amount in BTC or USD and receive payments through Lightning, Mainnet, and PayNym (BIP47).

SOC2 Compliance

Setting the benchmark for trust in the computing and energy industry: Our SOC 2 compliance, built on the 5 Trust Service Criteria, goes beyond basic security and integrity. We prioritize strong governance, internal controls, and a clear segregation of duties to safeguard your operations. Our commitment extends to the integrity of your data, ensuring accuracy and preparedness with robust incident response and disaster recovery plans.

Canadian BAsed | Insured custody

As Guardians of Your Assets, Security is Our Priority. Our Insured Cold Storage, Strategically Located in Canada, Guarantees Safety in a Transparent Jurisdiction. We Comply with the Canadian, US, and international Regulations and Provide Responsive Client Support. Our Stringent Standards Safeguard Your Funds.

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