Energy Strategy Platform

Treat Compute as an energy derivative.

Why LŌD?

nodes monitored every 1 min.
Over 18700
Deregulated Electricity Markets

Demand response and Ancillary services

LōD seamlessly integrates with your grid service providers (REP,QSE & CSP) and enables participation in Demand Response and more advanced Ancillary Service programs.

This empowers you to generate additional revenue by dynamically adjusting power consumption in response to real-time grid conditions and market signals. By leveraging LōD’s feature-rich automated power control and predictive analytics, miners can contribute to grid stability and optimize profitability.

4cp optimization

LōD’s 4CP optimization suite helps you eliminate costly demand charges. We predict peak periods, track your power usage in real-time and offer customizable automated responses to reduce consumption during critical hours. Tailor your optimization strategy to balance hashrate with cost savings to see the impact on your energy expenditure.

peak shaving

Flatten the curve of your power usage with lod’s peak shaving feature. Setup automated load reductions or implement load shifting to optimize around peak times. Track your savings with our detailed reporting and take control of your energy expenditure. 

Monetize Power Blocks & hedges

Your power block or hedge shouldn’t just be a liability. Unlock the true potential of power blocks by selling power back to the grid using LōD advanced energy strategy solution. 

Strategically capture price fluctuations to your interest, gain predictable margins and optimize your mining operation for long-term financial stability. 

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