Data Center Operations Management Platform

Manage ASICs, Servers, PLCs, PDUs, Faults and People.

ASICs, PDUs and PLCs Supported
Over 180
Data Centers Across US use our Software.


Inventory Management

Have complete control over your ASIC fleet with our integrated inventory management tools.

Import devices based on serial number or Mac Address and track individual device repair costs and amortization for accurate financial analysis. Visualize the physical location of every ASIC on our 3-level sitemap, simplify on-site management.

Track and update status using the built-in barcode scanner in our mobile apps supported on Android and iOS.

Auto hashrate recovery

Maximize your mining uptime and profitability. LōD features intelligent hashrate recovery, automatically detecting and addressing common ASIC malfunctions. Ensuring your ASICs continually operate at peak efficiency.

Minimize manual troubleshooting by resolving issues such as failures, network errors, or firmware glitches, safeguarding your hardware for long-term performance.

Rails - No code programming

Manage your mining operation with our intuitive no-code programming environment, RAILS.

Create automated actions that protect your hardware and optimize profitability. Set up temperature-based triggers to reboot or adjust miners, ensuring they operate within safe temparatures. Respond to fluctuating in energy prices by programming miners to shut off during peak costs or volatile periods.

Rails unlocks the full potential of your ASICs. Set custom commands based on hashrate, fan speed, BTC value, or any metric important to you.

care center

Our Care Center streamlines ASIC maintenance and troubleshooting. Track the complete repair history of each miner, including details of past issues and resolutions. Monitor the status of miners currently in repair, with estimated return dates.

Maximize uptime with our guided troubleshooting workflow. It systematically walks you through recommended diagnostic steps, helping you potentially resolve common issues without needing to send your ASIC for repair. Gain insights to plan for future retirements and optimize the lifespan of your mining fleet.

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