Finance Roles

Provide the right access to the right person


Audit earnings

LōD deploys Auditable—FPPS payment, an improved method of payment introduced by LINCOIN that enables compute providers to audit their earnings with a 0.00% error rate.

LōD FPPS pool provides all the necessary data to verify your earnings without trusting our pool. All Bitcoin Block Data is Available and archived by date in CSV format, so you can audit your pool and your earnings. 

Track Amortization

Track your device amortization records and updates asset values, alongside tracking repair expenses, ensuring your finance team has real-time visibility into each device’s operational status and financial performance. Our solution calculates asset depreciation, confidently enabling strategic decision-making and financial forecasting.

balance sheet and asset values

LōD Asset Value Tracker enables dynamic tracking and updates of asset values, ensuring your financial data is always current. Tailor your overview by defining ownership distinctions between client devices and your own while also segmenting assets based on locations for site-specific reporting. Our tool simplifies complex financial landscapes, offering a clear, detailed view of each asset, regardless of its site, enhancing decision-making and financial integrity.

automate aR/Ap

Automate your Accounts Payable and Accounts Receiveable by scheduling payments in both USD equivalent in BTC or BTC, scheduling your clinets payouts on a daily, weekly or monthly basis. 

Charge your clients a set amount, or allocate a specific percentage to each of your clients. Set aside your expenses first, before allocating your earnings. 

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