LōD Remote Operation

Manage your operation wherever you are


Inventory Management

LōD Inventory Management system streamlines your operations with a single click, seamlessly syncing existing devices. Visualize your entire inventory—whether devices are retired, operational, or in storage—at a glance.

Manage a range of inventory, from ASICS and PDU to Antspace, all within one unified platform.

Our system enhances organization by segregating customer devices by location, enabling precise and easy access. Additionally, it grants customers direct insight into their device’s status through a user-friendly dashboard, establishing transparency and trust.

Monitor the value, repair history, and costs of each device, ensuring meticulous financial oversight and asset management.

3-Level Sitemap

Import your sitemap with ease and visualize and manage your devices with ease. 

View each Container, Rack and Row and send commands at any level you need, monitor the performance and set tags on devices that your on-site tech needs to review in person.

Use the rails to set commands to at any of the 3-levels (Container, Rack or Rows) 

Remote Command

Remotely send commands to your devices through your mobile application or on your computer. 

Blinking Light, reboot, stop and start, provide tunnel to access aSIC own dashboard.

Set strategies and rails all on your mobile device while you are away from the site. 

Batch troubleshoot

designed to categorize devices experiencing similar issues, allowing you to address multiple concerns with a single click. This powerful tool not only simplifies command execution across numerous devices but also automates the troubleshooting process.

Maintain a comprehensive log of all previous work, ensuring you have a detailed history of maintenance and repairs at your fingertips.

Our integrated messaging system enhances team collaboration, making it easier to resolve issues collectively.

when a device needs to go out for repair, simply place a tag to distinguish and prioritize it for service.

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